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Hello Ladies and gents and welcome to PARA-NOT-NORMAL.

who are we?

Para-not-normal is a company. We hold Events, Paranormal investigations, Tarot/Rune Readings, Workshops (para-teach) and a Blog that Kelly Peffers a Paranormal Investigator/Tarot reader writes.


Kelly Peffers: Paranormal Investigator/Tarot Reader Para-not-normal blogger.

img_20191115_193705_7161949049964966543079.jpgKelly was a Radio Presenter with regular shows in the UK, USA and was a voice actor for Film & Radio. From 2003 – 2017 Kelly was working as a Musician and a Singer/Songwriter. In 2014 she was Signed by the record label D/A (David Bowie’s Label), where she released two singles and an album. Kelly was lucky enough to perform at the NME awards after-show party, appeared on ITV’s X-factor and she even got the chance to perform for the Queen, Twice! 

Swaying away from Kelly’s musical past, and towards her passion for Painting & Drawing.  From a young age, Kelly would paint unusual pictures depicting people, places and events (she later discovered that she had a talent for psychic art- But that’s another story). Between 2001-2009 Kelly designed and created stage sets for Musicals and Plays and worked as a Sound & Lighting engineer in various Theatres throughout the UK

Kelly is currently a mom, studying to become a School Teacher, And If you hadn’t guessed already, She is a Paranormal investigator/Tarot-Rune Reader/blogger. Kelly from a young age has been interested in the paranormal, In 2009 she made contact with GPSParanormal after an event at her own home shook her to the core. Since then she has been investigating the paranormal by using soundwaves, her psychic abilities, Technology and her rational/sceptic way of thinking to better understand the paranormal world.






We occasionally go live during investigations on my media pages, So if you want to join, You can find us on:


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