Tewkesbury Museum

This is a place I love to visit when I’m with my children. About a year ago we visited the museum and while we were there something happened. We were on the middle floor, and as I entered a particular room I felt a little light-headed, (that could be attributed to the mountain of stairs I had to climb), and I felt like I was stood on a boat, swaying back and forth in my mind’s eye. I could see my children playing with the dress-up box on the other side of the room and in front of me was a table with victorian items.

Tischkegel_012.jpgWithin the items, were several Victorian toys, one of which was a wooden game of skittles. However, this skittles game had a ball attached via a string, and to knock down the skittles you had to swing the ball. So why am I explaining this game to you, well… Something peculiar happened, the ball on the string span around its pole and knocked the skittles down, yet no one was near! I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and genuinely for a few moments could not quite process what I had just witnessed with my own eyes(not somebody else’s eyes, but my own). I tried to see if myself standing on different floorboards would move it and it did not move. This was interesting but I did think to myself that it could have been the floorboards, in fact, I was quite adamant it was as to suggest that it was something else would open a whole can of worms. A few weeks later and we returned and nothing happened except they had been in receipt of some new artefacts and there seemed to be an ‘air’ around the second floor, many of the items are indeed linked to reenactments that the town puts on yearly. Every year Tewkesbury put on a medieval fair, where they reenact the battle of Tewkesbury. (I highly suggest everyone should visit/see this at least once in their lives as its absolutely amazing and free!). 


however, a few weeks go by and I had a dream about the miniature fairground at the Tewkesbury museum, where a little girl is trapped and the roof is falling in on her. This girl was actually made of wood, was painted and was no bigger than your thumb. The girl kept saying ‘it isn’t working’ and was showing me water dripping through the ceiling. I knew I was supposed to go back and that I had to go to the top floor to the miniature fairground.

I returned that weekend with my husband and children to join in the Easter hunt they held there. I hadn’t told anyone about my dream and was anxious to go to the top floor, we joined in with the hunt and finally, it took us to the top floor.

Now as a sceptic I don’t believe in ghosts as many perceive them, but rather recordings of time through inanimate objects, materials and energy that is captured through turmoil or overwhelming feelings, as energy cannot just de-exist it has to go somewhere. I believe that time is linear and what we perceive as ghosts is nothing other than time echos of the past (now bare with me here) or an alternate reality or dimension. Now your probably going what the dickings

After seeing this I decided that I did indeed need to investigate here!



Grendon Hall

grendon hall cover

Here is some footage shared from @therealmikiyork twitter.



This is an interesting photo…. taken at the#grendonhall on the stairwell. To begin with I thought it might be the corner of the wall, but it’s interesting as it’s bunched up in one area… what’s your views? I’d love to hear from you Xx
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 — at Grendon Hall.


More write up coming soon, still reviewing footage Xx

Woodchester Mansion 2018-2019


2019 write up coming soon on Para-not-normal blog

So, this blog is going to be a combination of all the times I have ventured/experienced at the Woodchester Mansion. As I am there so often I would have to make countless amounts of blogs. So, here is all my best bits from 2018-2019.

  • Part 1: The first time I visited the Mansion.

I have always wanted to visit the Woodchester mansion and when I moved to Gloucestershire, I made it a mission of mine to go. However, it took me nearly 3 years just to visit. Regardless today was finally the day! It was the week of Halloween 2018, I and my little family decided we would go to the Woodchester, I cannot explain to you how excited I was. My husband and children thought I was mad, but I really couldn’t care, I was finally going to the Woodchester! We arrived at the car park and it started to randomly snow. We were surprised, as It had been a beautiful Autumn day, cold but dry and all the leaves had fallen and laid crisp on the ground. All around you could see these beautiful shades oranges, reds and yellows scattered amongst the trees. Under the leaves laid a path which seemed to wind and bend and felt magical as it drew you down the path. After 20 minutes of walking (with 3 kids and my husband), we had the feeling we properly should’ve taken the bus down. As this was the first time we had ever been there we were unaware of how long the walk down to the mansion was… If you haven’t been to the mansion make sure you’re prepared for a mile+ walk down(or get the bus). We finally arrived at the magnificent building that is THE WOODCHESTER MANSION!!!



The building towered above us and was set in acres upon acres of forest and farmland, nestled in this isolated valley. It was surreal, I knew that the mansion would be beautiful but I never imagined I would be speechless. We entered the mansion not knowing what to expect. As we paid for the tickets something captured my eye. It was only a book written by the living legend that is @chrishowley ! 20181027_133350_001I proper fan girl’d and of course, I bought a copy (you’re welcome Chris) and took a photo of it in the mansion…and I tagged him in it too…Just to clarify I wasn’t a creepy stalker girl I do actually know Chris lol. 

Now if you have visited the Mansion before you would know about its abundance of prodigious architecture. For those who haven’t, I have to tell you its extraordinary, I mean it’s overwhelming the detail and character built within the walls. Yet even though there are an absents of furniture, you really don’t notice that it is laid almost bare within its rooms as your focus is drawn to its walls and floors. It truly is momentous!

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  • Part 2: My first Paranormal Investigation at the Woodchester Mansion with @spiritinvestigatorsUK

woodp1 cover

  • Part 3:  All the Paranormal Investigations at Woodchester Mansion with @chrishowley 
wcm p2 cover
Coming soon x
  • Part 4: Return to the Woodchester Mansion as a volunteer /First day of Volunteering
It’s official I now work at the Woodchester! best job ever!
  • Part 5: The First event I organised at the woodchester mansion with @gpsparanormal (@barrighai ‘s team)  @spiritinvestigatorsUK and @chrishowley
woodchester gps pnn spirit poster
More Coming soon, Have a Look at the footage I captured from this below x

  • Part 6: All the Investigations with @spiritinvestigatorsUK 

There’s a lot to write so bare with me, Coming soon x

  • Part 7: Egely wheel experiment with @nigelwood and @chrishowley 

  • Part 8: All the joint Investigations at woodchester with @wonkywonds and @spiritinvestigators

Coming soon, and It was scary as balls! x


Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker

kelvedon cover

45966156_10161222813195717_4618689555309002752_nThis was my first ever car journey by myself (My car didn’t break down on this one) , it was only 2 days after I passed my driving test that I drove to Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker to join @barrighai @gpsparanormal for a paranormal investigation. I was extremely excited about this venue as regardless of the entities I’ve always wanted to go in a Nuclear Bunker!

I’ve always been fascinated with air raid shelters and bunkers ever since I was a child. This Bunker had three main lives, RAF ROTOR Station, A civil defence centre and a Regional Government HQ.

It was designed for up to 600 military and civilian personnel, possibly even the Prime Minister to organise the survival of the populationThere used to be spare bunk beds in the tunnels, that would help accommodate hundreds of civilians should there be a nuclear attack. 

The Demon CAR !!!

So, I drove to the venue and I arrived 2 hours early. I decided to check out the surrounding area and I found this grave yard whilst i was driving around. I was quite tempted to have a little stroll around but decided not to as, well it’s pretty obvious really, it was scary as f*#* and I was alone with no phone! You know in scary movies and you do that thing when you shout at the screen saying “don’t go in there!”. At that moment I had that running through my head. Funny thing is, I kept getting lost between this graveyard and the crematorium 5 minutes down the road, these were both incredibly spooky looking places. Did I mention that it was a full moon that night and the sky was clear, It was beautiful yet creepy! I finally found my way back to the bunker, I had to travel down this long road covered in trees and autumn leaves on the floor it was something out of a horror movie yet it was just so beautiful. I tried doing a live and I drove up to the location but my go-pro kept falling off the dashboard,  I gave up on that idea. So I carried on down this road and I came to a point were lots of paths leading off, I truthfully had no idea where the hell I was going so, I just turned right!

I finally passed a sign saying Kelvedon hatch Nuclear Bunker and went through these gates but was met by a tank and army equipment . I had a feeling I wasn’t in the right place as there were no lights on, no cars parked up, Seriously everything just seemed surreal. However I parked up and waited outside. – I had around hour and a bit left before everyone arrived. I thought I’m bound to see car lights soon i’ll just look out for them and follow in the general direction. Whilst sitting there I could hear tapping on my front windows. I assumed it was leaves falling off the trees or just the wind. But then the tapping grew louder and moved from one side to the other. Now I must tell you it was pitch black and I had no outer lights on only ones inside. I couldn’t see out of the windows. The tapping subsided for a little bit. I decided to give Barri a quick call to double check I was in the right place, On the right date but there was one problem my phone still hadn’t charged enough.


I then heard the snap of some twigs in the distance, I have to admit I was freaking out a little bit. I then giggled and thought that it might be Phil or someone trying to scare me. But I sat there for more than half an hour and there was no body there! All this time I was sat waiting, I could hear twigs snapping, Owls hooting, Tapping on the windows and the wind was howling . It was very creepy! I saw some car lights going passed the entrance and I decided to start my car as I started the car. I heard a scraping down my window along with tapping, I turned on the lights and there stood a horse licking the window!

56595419_1963867137072835_8223913673693855744_nI finally met up with everyone and went inside. We had a tour around the building in side the building there were many items to look at, However I generally didn’t pick up on much until we sent into the tunnel system. I picked up on a military nurse who was rushing down the corridor , I didn’t get the idea that she was rushing to someones aid but I did feel like she was carrying something she needed to pass to someone in one of the rooms upstairs. I felt their urgency and the sheer panic.  We did some calling out in the tunnels and received bumps and bangs but this could have been attributed by the wind. Whilst in the tunnels we also received some interesting Temperature readings that seemed to fluctuate at times the temperature dropped as much as 5 degrees in certain areas.

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We separated into groups myself, Chris and Andy(GPS) with a few guests headed down to the Hospital wing. There were hospital beds and Surgical Instruments laid out. In the corner there laid a coffin. We performed an experiment where I laid in he coffin with an ghost detector app (I like to try different apps you can download on your android now and then, most are purely for entertainment, but i have a few that are really interesting), Voice recorder and temperature Gage.


I laid in the coffin for around half hour in silence. We called out and awaited responses. Whilst laid in the Coffin I could feel scratching on the coffin above my head. When this happened I kept thinking about a man, very skinny with skin lesions all over their body, wearing a pointy hat. Now I know looking through the history of the venue that there weren’t many deaths recorded there, nor was the actual building itself that old. So the skeptic in me believes that this was my brain just going off in a tangent but, the investigator in me thinks it could possibly be something to do with the land before the bunker was built, or something happened within the walls during construction. We noted some temperate fluctuations and received some interesting words through the ghost detector app, But they didn’t seem to correlate to the feelings we were picking up on or the history of the venue. So I can say that the ghost detector app at this instants didn’t give us tangible evidence at this point. However this being said the ghost detector app did come up with some words that correlated to the building and its history in the next part we went to explore. 

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We went to another part of the Bunker. Now it is said that in this section of the building is where all the “secrets” were dealt with during the cold war. Paradoxically as the heat of the Cold War died down, the bunker and it’s ancillary systems were no longer required by the Government, Upon decommissioning in 1992 the bunker was bought back from the government by the Parrish family and is now privately owned. 

We stood in a circle within the main office area calling out. Myself and another thought we saw something move in the corner of the room, we went to investigate and as we walked over we noticed that the clothes on the rail were swinging. In my minds eye I kept seeing a black shadow crawling along the walls and ceiling. As we asked for the entity to step forward there was a thud in the middle of the circle. When this thud happened the app (ghost detector app) spoke and said “shadow”. This was interesting as I was thinking this but didn’t say anything aloud. I then separated from the circle to take some photos of the room and I snapped this picture below. After I snapped this photo, we heard an audible snarl or growl. I did capture this sound however all the footage and Voice recording had disappeared from my equipment by the time I got home! It is a mystery , However I am rubbish with technology so I could have pressed a button that deleted everything however this was on 3 different devices, Strange….

So, I’m just reviewing some of the footage and photographs I took whilst investigating the #kelvedonhatchsecretnuclearbunker with @gpsparanormal … I have a few photos that have some questionable shadows have a look ! This photo was a shutter shot of two photos simultaneously taken **just after taking this photo we heard an audible sound of a snarl/growl** let me know what you think…can you see anything???
👻🔦😍 #paranormalinvestigation @barri_ghai @andyparaparkin @philghosthunter @ts_aart #shadowpeople #kelvedonhatchnuclearbunker


After this room we explored another room which seemed to house many technical devices and stacks. Whilst in this room we had something strange happen. The energy of the room was different to those we’d previously been in, this seemed to be alive almost and was quite creepy. Everyone was sat in silence and then we heard this audible voice saying something but We couldn’t quite understand. It sounded like a machine like voice like one of those old g.tech watches that repeats the time. It was very odd and we couldn’t seem to explain it. We also captured a stick figure on a chair in one of the rooms, but this could have been matrixing on the sls behalf as it was in the corner of the room, by previous encounters using the sls, sometimes it can read a figure on anything cross like etc.



The Dolphin Pub

dolphin coverHello my lovelies, It’s me Kelly !

So, What can I tell you about the Dolphin… First of all it’s a really hard place to find especially when you’ve just passed your driving test a week before lol! There is a running joke about my car(s) and this place is where it all stems from. You may have seen posts on my social media pages where other paranormal investigators either have to jump start my car(s), push it up hills or even get stuck with me over night. On this occasion my car was fine until I got 5 minutes away from the venue , like seriously I was in the same road! My car suddenly stopped in mid driving, locking every thing down and as I drive an automatic jump starting it is really hard and it was even more annoying as my car then was a BMW and the battery is in the boot!

So here I was in a very narrow alley with a car wanting to go behind me and one in front of me etc. I was lucky enough that These two car owners were very nice and helped me out with directions and they jumped start my car. I was approached by a young man wearing sunglasses, bleach blonde hair and the biggest, puffiest, longest florescent orange jacket with a furry hood I had ever seen. He told me that should follow him and that he can drive me were I want to go… I declined his offer although tempting lol (it wasn’t!  I’ve seen way to many scary movies, I know how this ends lol).  I finally parked up in the car park and began making my way to the venue when I bumped into an elderly couple, who told me that they had an experience in the dolphin. They told me that the 8 ball started spinning once by itself and they had witnessed together, a glass shattering of its own accord! This only fueled my intensity to investigate the dolphin.  I could see the venue in front of me so I headed towards it. 

When I walked into the venue you could see a lot of collectibles which to me felt like they all carried some type of energy in one form or another. I was personally drawn to the top left corner of the bar and was particularly interested in the war memorabilia and the union jack flag it was upon. Just down from this section, was another section that held Titanic Memorabilia and seating area. This area to me seemed active but I will have to wait and see. Through out the Pub there were collections and antiques all over the walls. It had a very ye olde pub feel which is indubitably could be penting up the energy in the venue and well as providing that creepy-es vibe. It was time for a quick presentation from Barri and the other members of GPS, followed by a tour of the venue.

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From the initial walk round I felt that room 7 and the bar area would prove to be the most active throughout the night. Now from this walk through I had a pain on my right side of my jaw up my face and behind my eye. And it kept coming and going all through the night I’ve never had this before accept at another venue quite recently called the ‘Goodwich village hall’. Now I have come to associate this feeling with a certain type of entity which I will explain later.

We split into teams I was with Phil and a few other guests and we explored the cellars first. Down in the cellar were the pumps, gas cylinders, kegs and more antiques. The ceiling was low and had a few rooms leading off a corridor and the old cellar doors that lead into the street. We began by calling out in the cellar asking for what ever was there to come and communicate with us. As we were calling out we heard banging coming from above us. We knew that Barri and his guests were investigating on the 1st and 2nd floor in the rooms, so there couldn’t be any possible noise coming from above us in the bar area! There was a particular room that lead off the corridor that gave me the creeps upon saying this to Phil we heard taps on the pipes above us, we called out asking if that was an entity trying to communicate with us and we received more bangs above us. We then heard what sounded like a woman mumbling, but sadly the Dictaphone didn’t pick this up. We continued to call out and listened patiently. The taps and bangs were getting louder and louder until everything went deathly silent. Still listening intently we stood still in the dark cellar staring down the corridor, then we heard this almighty hiss come from behind us! I jumped out of my skin along with a couple of guests. Only to realize it was one of the soda pumps letting out excess gas. This gave us a good giggle for a while.

We headed upstairs into the bar area and this is where it got really weird! At this point I put down my equipment and just soaked up the moment. I did however leave my Dictaphone recording throughout the whole session. Sadly my Dictaphone has since gone missing along with all my EVP’s I’ve collected over the years so I cannot let you hear the recordings! But I believe Phil was rolling on his. The team sat patiently in pitch blackness in the bar area near the pool table whilst me and Phil were opposite the bar itself . I had this pain in my tooth and side of my face (I don’t suffer with tooth pain mind) and I felt something run past me and kind of scatter up onto my shoulder. I then hear something come from behind the bar area that myself and Phil both heard saying ” What do you wannnnnnt” in really scowly and demanding way. We then hear clinks coming from where we heard the voice and what sounded like cutlery moving. We both jumped up and looked over the bar and of course we see nothing there! We then sit down in the titanic area where I sat in a leather chair, behind a table, on my left was a old pool table that was covered with a cloth and Then to the right of me was a Christmas tree. I called out for the entity to make a noise and within seconds of saying this my chair made a noise like someone ran their hand down the leather chair. The rest of the group then proceeded to ask for things to happen. In doing so, this noise kept happening in a response way. The whole time we were calling out, I could feel something gripping tighter and tighter around the bottom of my legs. I could feel what can only be described as claws digging into my calf’s, it felt like something was trying to pull me down, but yet i remained in the same position. These noises began to get louder and one of the guests pointed out that the Christmas tree to my right had a decoration that was swinging and looked like it was turning around. It was a very uneasy feeling for myself at this point as I felt someone or something did not want me there in that seat…

In the 1st and 2nd floors were lots of rooms which the land lady rents out to the public to stay. During the break I was very compelled to go to room 7 around 1am ish. I went on a little walk to take some photos and I went into room 7 with a member of LPI, as we got into the room, I turned and said that I didn’t like the cupboard in the corner and I felt quite sad, we heard a faint scream and some knocks but it could be coming from anyone as we were on break. But a few seconds later we hear a really loud moan between us both. He grabbed the emf reader out and I grab my camera and start filming… You can see throughout the video there’s intelligent responses made through the emf reader. The audio of the video has a few pops and fizz now and then and a faint sentence/song can be heard near the beginning of the video. Most of the bangs are from myself moving around as floorboards were creaky. Do you spot anything else? What do you think of this footage?

A little further in the night myself and Beka tried an experiment using dousing rods. When we were in room 7 we had a mixture of energy to begin with we believed we were talking to a young girl,then an older woman possibly the mother and then a very cheeky character. We got direct responses and it revealed some amazing evidence which I will later research! I have never had such a connection with something I couldn’t see before and I seriously had to pry myself away from the venue as I probably would have stayed there if I could. Have a look at the footage to see what happened.


Hatton Court Hotel part 2

hatton 2 coverI returned to the Hatton Hall and I was met with an abundance of activity. As I set foot into the building my mind began swimming. I felt as though I had stepped into another time zone where I could feel the previous owner live out their day to day lives.

I started in the basement along with Andy from @gpsparanormal. We set up some equipment such as emf reader, Rem pod and the ovious. I had recently downloaded a version of the ovious on my tablet and I wanted to conduct an little experiment to see whether the app would indeed mimic the ovious. We stood in the basement and I received the word “behind” via the app what was particularly interesting the ovious actually said the word “her” at the same time. A few moments went by and I noticed that the room began to darken. I felt hands upon my shoulders and it almost seemed that a body shape appeared on my right hand side. Something leaned into my peripheral vision and I heard a whisper. I ignored it first of all and I assumed that it was my eyes adjusting to the lighting and I thought another team member had spoken. I began to feel uneasy. I could see this mass engulfing the light beside me and I felt a breath upon my check and I heard a voice saying “what are you doing?”

Myself with the gps team at hattoncourt hotel 🙂

This did intern send a shiver down my spine and I felt extremely threatened in the basement. I then left the basement and took a breather outside. I explained to Andy what had happened.

Later in the evening myself and Phil from @gpsparanormal sat in a large hall. Phil has set up a grid light and brought an array of equipment. Phil sat on the window ledge and called out asking if there was anyone who wanted to talk to us. Behind Phil there came a big bang on the window. Phil ran rather quickly away from the window. To clarify the window was looking out on a small court yard which there was no entrance we could use to get out there as the doors were locked. We then broke for a break. As I went to get myself a cuppa I wiped the table and began talking to a guest who had joined us for the evening. We were chatting away about experience’s we’ve encountered in our lives regarding the paranormal. As we were chatting I went to put my spoon in the cup and the cup physically moved and turned. I saw this happen with my own eyes.


Ancient Ram inn part 2

Ancient Ram Inn – Gloucestershire

I had been eagerly awaiting to return to this venue and finally, I was able to come back to the place that started my love of paranormal investigating. It’s been 3 years since I was last here and in these 3 years a lot has happened. When I came here last time it was my first investigation and I can honestly say that I didn’t really know what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed and This time I wouldn’t be disappointed either!

1780866_787698577925166_2115380477_nI returned with @barrighai and his team @gpsparanormal. I arrived and was greeted by Barri, Phil and Andy from @gpsparanormal. We spoke about previous investigations we had all been on recently and exchanged stories of experiences we had last time at the Ram. We waited for the other guests to arrive this included @irishparanormal investigations.

Barri was very excited as he had set up the big screen in the main area (where the late and great Mr humpfreys used  to sleep) so we could watch his programme #help!myhouseishaunted before we started our investigation at the Ram. I have to admit this was awesome, when all the guests arrived we watched the programme.


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I snapped a couple of photos and did some audio recordings whilst we were all engrossed.  During the show we all heard a voice of a woman coming from the old bar area. It was odd as we all heard it clear as day and we were all sat in the same room and we’re quiet. We checked our dicta phones, cameras to see if any thing had been captured. As I mentioned earlier I had snapped some photos ,on further inspection I have noticed a reflection of a woman in one of the frames at the back of the room. It looks to me that it’s someone in a military uniform…what do you think?

Original below and zoom above- (sorry about graininess of picture)

We split up into groups,  I was with Barri, Andy and 3 other guests. We headed into the witches room. (Let me explain who was where in the room as this is quite vital to the next part i tell you). So, I sat on one of the chairs at the table on the right, Andy was sat on the right by fireplace, One guest was sat opposite me at the table, Two guests were sat at the end of the bed by the wardrobe and Barri was sat opposite me on the bed.


I remember getting an over whelming feeling that the lady who supposedly haunts that room, wasn’t a witch at all! As I mention this a cat ball rolled out from under the bed, through Barri’s legs and rolled towards me. Everybody was accounted for, no one brought cat balls .

On further inspection the bed Barri was sat on,  didn’t have any space underneath for the cat ball to roll from . As it was held up by blocks that covered all possible spaces, I cannot explain how this happened!

56852815_522788171462123_7240655278633385984_nWe then headed down stairs for break after break I Joined Andy in a table tipping session. When I joined the table it wasn’t really moving but when I placed my hands on the table it seemed to rock left to right. The table was very hard to move as it was quite stable so i cannot actually explain how this movement happened! I left the table and stood on the opposite side of the room which then the REM pod went off uncontrollably- I managed to capture this on video, have a look below.

After this we headed into the bar area to conduct communication with whatever was there. I setup a locked off camera and a torch in the room we were conducting a table tipping session. I made sure that No body was in that room or entered the room, however in the video I shot, the Torch dimmed for a little while then returned to normal as-well as this, you can hear deep growls throughout the video (yes that is us you can hear us in the background). Have a look for yourself -video below

After this We took a Break, I popped upstairs to the toilet , however i was unaware that I was only one in building! Until Barri shouts up to me to turn the lights off on my way down. I’m not gonna lie I was filled with fear at this moment as I thought someone was stood outside the bathroom door waiting for me to finish! The floorboards even creaked next to the door! Now for those of you who have been to the Ramm you know where this toilet is situated- Those of you who haven’t been here: This toilet is directly opposite the bishops room and you have to walk down a narrow hallway passed the witches room, down the rickety stairs, through the garage, then the bar then into the main room and finally through the kitchen bit then your outside! It’s quite a scary thought turning off all those lights and heading downstairs by yourself! But never the less, I built up my courage and went and turned off all the lights! When I got to the witches room I realised that the loft light was on, So I walked up those stairs to turn the light off and as I walked up there was a very cold blast of air was travelling towards me and I thought I saw something in the corner of my eye. I turned the light off and pretty much ran all the way down and through the building – It was creepy YO!