About Us

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Hello and welcome to PARA-NOT-NORMAL.

Who are we?

Para-not-normal is a company. We hold paranormal Events and actively investigate the Paranormal all over the UK. We also conduct private Tarot/Rune Readings and home investigations and carry out Workshops (para-teach).

Meet our team

Kelly Peffers: Paranormal Investigator and Rune reader.

Kelly is a mom, wife, trainee clinical psychologist and an EBE mental health practitioner in the NHS. They have a bachelor’s in education, specialising in clinical psychology, science and beliefs. From a young age, Kelly has been interested in the paranormal. Since 2009, Kelly has been investigating the paranormal using soundwaves, psychic abilities, and technology. Kelly has a diverse background, from designing stages for theatres/Sound & Lighting engineering/musician to being a radio presenter.

Lynette Iemboli: Paranormal investigator and Medium.

Lynette became interested in the paranormal after her first encounter at 11 but never fully embraced her abilities until she joined Spirit Investigators UK on a paranormal investigation in early 2019. Soon after, Lynette began attending a development circle, receiving training and guidance in her mediumship, and learning to connect with and trust her spirit guides. When investigating, Lynette relies on technology just as much as her psychic ability. Even though she is a believer, she likes to keep a sceptical mind and looks for a logical explanation before a paranormal one. When she’s not investigating, Lynette is mum to two teenage boys. She is highly passionate about her job and currently works as a teaching assistant in a local school.

We occasionally go live during investigations; you can join us on: